Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A tale of two calendars

When I was in grade 8, I really REALLY wanted braces. I was jealous when other kids came to school, their teeth full of colour. My eye sight got extremely poor and I had to wear glasses instead. I still remember riding the TTC home after acquiring my first pair, my brother asking me to read all the fine print on the ads posted above fellow passengers' heads. (Thinking back, I'm sure THEY all enjoyed hearing the ads instead of just reading themselves.)

Hannah is an avid reader. Every week when her class goes to the school library she makes a big production after we arrive home of bringing the newly borrowed book out of her backpack, a la Vanna White. By far, the books I, er, she, enjoys most are from the Elephant & Piggie series by Mo Willems. I'm sad I don't get to read them to her anymore, but ecstatic she will read them to me. (Sometimes I get to read the Gerald parts, and she'll read the Piggie parts - and if you don't know Gerald is the elephant you are not living your best life.)

Now that she can read, she reads everything. My brother would be so pleased to follow her around and listen to her read.

A text comes in on my phone? She tries to read it. A letter comes in the mail about taxes? She reads it. Anything in her world she sees with words, she reads. (Including this post.)

Last year we had a communal calendar. Then she started inquiring about my dates, and I knew it was time. Sharing is caring, but some things are better left in the dark.

In 2018, we have two separate agendas - Hannah's monthly in our kitchen, and my planner which I try to keep hidden in my bag.

I always assumed I would be the one to invade her privacy - not the other way around...but I'm sure in no time I'll be the one asking, "Who's that? Where are you going? Why?"

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