Monday, January 22, 2018

A new year, a new type of blog

I haven't blogged in a long, long time.

One reason is lack of time.

Another reason is that Hannah can read now. She's become her own little person, with thoughts, feelings and reactions she can actually express to me in words. I would never want her to stumble across something I wrote and be embarrassed or angry with how I portrayed her.

Now when we take selfies, I let her look at it and I ask, "Do you mind if I share this with my friends?"

Don't worry, this selfie was Hannah approved
I don't feel right sharing her opinion/image/feelings, without asking her permission.

Moving forwards, this blog will focus heavily on the parenting aspect of, uh, parenting. I might still do reviews, but it's a lot less work writing personal posts (and sometimes I believe these are the more enjoyable to read anyhow).

Who knows, maybe the Bambina will be typing her OWN posts someday soon. After all, her school work is informative and funny. Maybe she acquired my writing ability as much as she acquired my impatience.

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  1. Love this! Such a great idea. I think the best part about blogging is it can evolve as life does.


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