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Sesame Place a must visit for Sesame Street fans #SesamePlace

If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, most people would choose to visit an exotic location or travel to family far away. Not me. I'd want to go to Langhorne, Pennsylvania. My family travelled there this summer and our day in Langhorne was by far my favourite of the entire vacation. As soon as we drove away, I immediately wanted to go back. Because, even though Sesame Street is set in New York City, Sesame Place is in Langhorne.

We started our day with Breakfast with Elmo. The food (cereal, eggs, bacon, etc.) was yummy, but the real highlight was meeting Elmo and having the Count, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby and Zoey visit us - right at our table! Hannah told Cookie that "C is for Cookie" and the Count loved her count laugh. I would definitely recommend a meal with the characters as this is the only time they will come to you.

The Breakfast ends just before the gates open, so you have 30 minutes of access to the park earlier than most. The day we visited was unfortunately very overcast and the early access rides were water ones.

We decided to take a look at the gift shop and wait for the amusement rides. The amusement rides are built with kids in mind, but each one can handle the weight and height of an adult. The first ride we went on was the Sunny Day carousel. My favourite part of the rides (other than seeing Hannah's huge smiling face) was the fact that a character talked to you throughout each one. Big Bird talks to you on the carousel - "Oh, look! It's that tree we saw before....OH! I get it!"

Hannah was able to go on all of the amusement park rides (save the Honker Derby Dinger) and most of them are "safe" for older adults. Only the Flying Cookie Jars made me a little dizzy - as did Grover's Vapor Trail roller coaster, only because we rode three times straight. The third time, when Grover declared, "OK everybodeee wave to your Mommies and Daddies!" at the beginning of the ride, I just wanted to signal to my Mom I needed to get off.

As for water rides, Hannah loved Big Bird's Rambling River and the Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave Pool. All four of us ventured on the to the Sky Splash and were in agreement that once was definitely enough for us!

We saw two shows at the Park that day - and they were just as great as when we see the travelling Sesame Street shows at the Sony Centre, albeit a bit shorter (most run 25 minutes). Like Sesame Street, the shows are geared to kids but remain entertaining for adults.

When you visit, seeing the parade come down Main Street is a must. EVERYONE is in it, from Oscar to Big Bird to Prairie Dawn. Hannah even got to dance in the parade for an entire song!

The park isn't huge and is easily walkable for young kids. The characters walk through the Park and have specific places for photo ops. My only miss that day was not getting a photo with either Ernie or Grover (my absolute faves).

Even though we had crummy weather (the whole park had to close for an hour due to a thunderstorm), we had an amazing day and I hope to get back there before Hannah outgrows Sesame Street. But, if I'm any indication, that never truly happens for some folks. Right now they have a special Halloween theme, so I'm thinking we might visit again next fall.

Have you been to Sesame Place?

Disclosure: We received discounted tickets for the purpose of the review. As always, opinions on this blog are my own.

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