Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Swiffer and Loblaws give Raptors Fans a piece of #InauguralCourt #RTZ #WeTheNorth #ManClean #PGmom

I can still remember the first Toronto Raptors game I attended. It was fall of 1995. I was in grade 8. My Uncle had seasons tickets in the 500 level at SkyDome so my Mom bought some and took my brother and I to quite a few games. Having my first NBA experience in a stadium built for baseball and football was interesting, but all Torontonians were just so happy our city finally had a team.

Who knew 20 years later that Loblaws and Swiffer would team up to give fans a piece of the Inaugural Court?

Last night I was lucky enough to dine at e11even with Damon Stoudamire, NBA's Rookie of the Year for 1995-1996 in which he played with the Raptors at SkyDome. You may have seen Mighty Mouse on TV today sharing with Raptors fans how they can receive their piece of inaugural court. Here we are below with the plaque fans might receive:

So you want your own piece? Simply visit a Loblaws store and purchase $15 worth of Swiffer products. Then visit showyourclean.ca to download a form to fill out, and mail the form along with your receipt and bar codes.

There are only 3,400 pieces available (each plaque is numbered). Here's a picture of just the plaque:

Not only are there a limited number of pieces, but there's a time deadline too - mail must be post marked by June 30, 2015 to qualify.

As I type this, the Toronto Raptors are making history by playing their second play-off game of 2015 on Swiffer Certified Hardwood. Will you own a part of their history from 1995?

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