Monday, April 27, 2015

Making #KinderSmiles with Kinder not-so Surprise #KinderMom

A few weeks ago I picked up Hannah from preschool while she played with some kindergarten kids in the playground. As she sat on the ground, "camping", she pointed to me and said the following to her little group:

"That's my Mom. She's cool. She gives me chocolate."

Then, a little girl I didn't know came up to me and said:

"Can I have some chocolate?"

While it's true chocolate is my daughter's favourite treat, I don't carry it with me at all times. So not that I would have, but I had no chocolate to give the child I didn't know.

Hannah's favourite type of chocolate is the kind that surrounds a toy - that's right, Kinder Surprise. She often receives it as a treat when she's out with Grandma (she likes to unwrap as soon as the cashier has scanned). She receives it on all holiday occasions. And sometimes, she just receives it because it makes her smile.

Earlier this month for Easter, some of the Eggs Hannah found on her hunt were of course Kinder Surprise. We are also toilet training, and a Kinder Surprise egg is often the prize for a good few days of letting us know when she needs to go and using the toilet in public. Her favourite stuffed animal got lost at preschool and a Kinder Surprise egg made her feel better.

Sometimes the act of her receiving a Kinder egg isn't a surprise, but the toy inside always is. She loves opening the little yellow plastic container and finding out what new toy is there, whether or not it needs to be built and if she already has toys in that collection. Her new favourite is a little pink pony.

Is Kinder Surprise a surprise for your kids?

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  1. Anonymous4/30/2015

    oooh I LOVED those as a kid...also as a teenager, had quite the collection!


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