Thursday, April 30, 2015

#Paddington is now on Blu-ray Combo and Digital HD! #Review #Giveaway

Having relatives in England, one of my very first stuffed animals was a Paddington Bear. I'm always excited to share things from my childhood with Hannah and this movie is no exception. I even learned a few things about this loveable bear with "a worrying marmalade habit".

Monday, April 27, 2015

Making #KinderSmiles with Kinder not-so Surprise #KinderMom

A few weeks ago I picked up Hannah from preschool while she played with some kindergarten kids in the playground. As she sat on the ground, "camping", she pointed to me and said the following to her little group:

"That's my Mom. She's cool. She gives me chocolate."

Then, a little girl I didn't know came up to me and said:

"Can I have some chocolate?"

While it's true chocolate is my daughter's favourite treat, I don't carry it with me at all times. So not that I would have, but I had no chocolate to give the child I didn't know.

Hannah's favourite type of chocolate is the kind that surrounds a toy - that's right, Kinder Surprise. She often receives it as a treat when she's out with Grandma (she likes to unwrap as soon as the cashier has scanned). She receives it on all holiday occasions. And sometimes, she just receives it because it makes her smile.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Stream Short, Dramatic, Funny Lies with Netflix Canada #StreamTeam

"I have 12 older brothers."

"I have a dog."

"I brushed my teeth already."

These are all lies my daughter tells to me on pretty much a daily basis (she is DEFINITELY not Prince Hans). I try really hard not to lie to her - but everyone does it.

And I won't lie to you - most weeknights I'd rather be watching Full House with her than streaming Color Crew. (I love that Blogger squiggly lined color, but it's the actual name for the show.) By the time Hannah is in dreamland most evenings I have less than 45 minutes to myself after doing household chores. Often that's not enough time to watch an episode of House of Cards (which has a LOT of lying) or any other show streaming that's considered "an hour" on television.

So, I am very excited that House of Lies is now streaming Season 3 AND the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is now streaming Season 1. I've also been quickly binging my way through 3rd Rock from the Sun, a big personal favourite from the 90s. All shows have episodes that are less than 30 minutes and both shows deal with lies (see the theme for this month?) And I'm very excited to share a post with adult streaming content since I haven't done it in a while.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Swiffer and Loblaws give Raptors Fans a piece of #InauguralCourt #RTZ #WeTheNorth #ManClean #PGmom

I can still remember the first Toronto Raptors game I attended. It was fall of 1995. I was in grade 8. My Uncle had seasons tickets in the 500 level at SkyDome so my Mom bought some and took my brother and I to quite a few games. Having my first NBA experience in a stadium built for baseball and football was interesting, but all Torontonians were just so happy our city finally had a team.

Who knew 20 years later that Loblaws and Swiffer would team up to give fans a piece of the Inaugural Court?

Last night I was lucky enough to dine at e11even with Damon Stoudamire, NBA's Rookie of the Year for 1995-1996 in which he played with the Raptors at SkyDome. You may have seen Mighty Mouse on TV today sharing with Raptors fans how they can receive their piece of inaugural court. Here we are below with the plaque fans might receive:

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Cleaning with P&G #Review #Giveaway #PGmom

Sorry the blog has been quiet lately, April has been a busy month. First my birthday, then Easter and then last weekend my Mom, Hannah and I went to Buffalo for a long weekend of girls shopping. Other than neglecting the blog, I've also been neglecting my cleaning which is the perfect lead-in to this post and a great giveaway!

Do you do a big spring clean every year? Today my car's winter tires got put into storage. And so did my winter jacket. I love putting away all things winter, and welcoming my spring and summer items to the front of my closet.

Like undertaking any big project, the big spring clean can be intimidating. I try to break it down by room and job. I do the things I prefer first (organizing what to keep and what to donate) before I do the things I less prefer (the big deep clean).

Monday, April 13, 2015

Scaredy Cat Gene?

The summer my parents separated my Mom and I moved into a condo. A couple weeks later she went away for the weekend and for the first time ever I had to sleep alone in home (save my cat). Before you get used to the noises your home makes, they can be somewhat unsettling. I may or may not have slept with the hall light on. I may or may not have slept with the biggest knife from the kitchen on my nightstand. I may or may not have been 22 at the time.

When I was pregnant with Hannah I wondered if she would be a scaredy cat like me. And for three years, she's proven she can handle just about anything - the dark, scary parts in movies, etc. But now she's openly afraid of at least one thing. And if I'm honest, I don't like this "thing" either.

I understand paper towels in washrooms not only harm the environment but also create mess. I just don't understand what's wrong with old school hand dryers and why everyone is now installing the super loud, super annoying EXTREME AIR ones. Also, I don't like looking down at my hands and seeing my skin flap.

Hannah is scared of these dryers to the point where we seek out family washrooms just so we can control if they are used or not. The whole not liking/holding her hands over her ears/having big scared eyes in a public washroom has sort of had a damper on this whole potty training thing.

Are your kids afraid of anything? Do you have any traits you worry about passing on?

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