Sunday, March 22, 2015

Visit Edgar O'Bunny at Upper Canada Mall

Edgar O'Bunny is one stylish rabbit. He has a gorgeous suit, a kind personality and a basket full of chocolate eggs to boot! Children can meet Edgar and get photos with him at Newmarket's Upper Canada Mall now until Saturday, April 4th.

Today Hannah was lucky enough to meet Edgar. Unlike Santa, she RAN right up to Edgar and gave him a great big hug. She smiled politely for the photographer, but the choice photo came when she was prompted to say silly things. After the photo, she gave Edgar a high five and got the gift all kids wish for from the Easter Bunny - a chocolate egg. She said her favourite part about meeting Edgar was looking in his big blue eyes.

Edgar has redesigned, brightly coloured digs this year in Centre Court and there are a variety of photo packages to choose from. All packages include a digital download.

The staff running the photo area are patient and kind. The little girl who met Edgar before Hannah was quite scared and didn't want her photo taken. The manager devised a plan for her to stand in front of her parents beside her brother, with Edgar behind her parents. Before the picture was taken, the parents quickly moved away. The resulting photo became their two happy children in front of Edgar. That's a real professional photography team if you ask me - ensuring every visitor receives a photo they'll proudly display in their home.

Easter Bunny Visiting Hours are: 

Monday-Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm

Make sure you check out Edgar's Carrot Breaks so you don't miss him.

While you're at Upper Canada Mall, you can pick up Easter gifts or refresh your wardrobe with the latest spring trends.

Hannah was so excited to meet Edgar and now can't wait for Easter to come!

Will you visit Edgar this spring?

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