Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Brother, My #TideColdHero #PGmom

There are people who refuse to be chained to a desk all day. There are people who refuse to work within four walls. There are people who willingly work in -40 C weather in the winter in our great country to benefit others.

My brother is one of these people. His job involves working outdoors and/or in dark dusty tunnels. He works for the Toronto Transit Commission. He ensures hundreds of thousands of people get where they are going each and every day - no matter how cold it is outside. He is my #TideColdHero.

A chilly "office" view

Growing up, I never ever thought my brother would text me "I still can't feel my face" many hours after working a long, freezing night shift. He was always at the computer (which caused serious issues between us - especially when it came to how to divvy up our 5 hours of monthly Internet - oh the 90s) or playing on a game system. I figured he'd go in to something dealing with desktop computers and be some sort of tech help for others as he was always helping family and friends.

Instead he went to college and took electronics. Which, looking back, shouldn't really have surprised me - he was always taking things apart and putting them back together. I just didn't think he'd have a job where he was outdoors so much.

Simpler times. AKA before the Internet.

When I heard about #TideColdHero, I instantly thought of my brother. As a #PGmom, I was so happy to be able to gift him a limited edition Tide scarf, travel mug, and of course, Tide Coldwater HE Liquid laundry detergent to ensure he has a product that is as tough in the cold as he is.

Hannah also thinks of her Uncle as a hero. Whether we are going over bumpy roads or on a playdate where her friend has a broken necklace, "My Uncle Ra Ra can fix it."

You can learn about other Tide Cold Weather Heroes at

Who is your #TideColdHero?

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