Thursday, February 26, 2015

Learning about professions with a preschooler on Netflix Canada #StreamTeam

One of my favourite things about having a preschooler is our conversations. Throughout a single one, Hannah can change what she wants to be when she grows up multiple times. The top professions usually are doctor, scientist and puppy.

Her love of science definitely comes from watching Sid the Science Kid which streams on Netflix Canada.

Hannah is in love with Sid. She'll ask me where Sid lives. She'll tell people Sid is her friend. That she goes to preschool just like Sid does. And that she wants a dog just like Sid does.

I love the show too. Well, save Gerald. The Jim Henson production follows preschooler Sid and his friends May, Gabriella and the aforementioned Gerald. They all go to the best preschool ever (only four kids!) and learn about a variety of different scientific things from teacher Susie. They also sing catchy songs in every single episode and there's always a scientific song about the focus of each (I like checking out charts, because charts rule. A chart is a handy dandy scientific tool. It gives you information you see with your eyes, a chart helps you visualize. Get the picture? So do I). The songs are catchy - and stick in your head.

The kids are all curious and polite. Sid usually comes to school with a question about something he discovered earlier that day at home.

My favourite episode takes place on Sid's birthday - he declares everyone should eat birthday cake for every meal. (I love birthday cake, so in some ways I really wish we could). The kids learn that it's better to have balanced foods and treats only sometimes to keep their bodies healthy.

Hannah's favourite is about animals and how they communicate. It's also the episode that Sid constantly asks for a dog.

In a few episodes, Gabriella's mom is also featured - she is a research scientist who works at the local science centre, showing what Sid might do if he does indeed grow up to be a scientist.

I love watching Sid the Science Kid with Hannah. It explores science in a fun way and in certain episodes even I learn something new!

Some other great shows for little kids include:

What do your kids want to be when they grow up?

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. As always, opinions on this blog are my own.

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