Thursday, December 04, 2014

Have a Happy Visit with Santa using Fast Pass at Upper Canada Mall

Before we went to Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket a few days ago, we had quite an interesting collection of holiday photos of Hannah with Santa. Her first Christmas, she cried...the entire time. Last year, because of the ice storm, we didn't get a chance to have a "proper" session - so we just have an unimpressed Hannah in her jacket sitting on Santa's lap.

We finally have a photo I can proudly show off, thanks to the super Santa and his fantastic photo elves at Upper Canada Mall.

Hannah was acting shy on her visit, looking down a lot, and the photographer still managed to capture her and Santa looking at the camera:

What you don't see in the photo is Santa speaking softly to Hannah, inquiring what she wants for Christmas. You also don't see Hannah quietly mumbling, "Bubble Guppies Balloon" or Santa giving my Mom a quizzical look while reassuring Hannah she seems like a sweet girl and he's sure he can find one for her. Not only was he kind and calming, I could never imagine a more perfect looking Santa!

We took advantage of the Santa Fast Pass option - choosing a package online and waiting in a shorter line for our turn with the jolly old man. It was an easy process that took only a few minutes to complete. Make sure you schedule your appointment on a computer before you go - you can't do it while at the mall on your phone.

Only having to line up in with fellow Fast Pass purchasers was amazing. Although Hannah understands the concept of waiting for your turn in a line, she is far from understanding one must be patient while waiting in a line. 

After Hannah's visit with Santa we decided to have lunch at the food court, a clean, spacious area with a variety of food to choose from. 

Then my Mom and I took the opportunity to browse the stores and complete some Christmas shopping. Located about 30 minutes north of Toronto, Upper Canada Mall is home to "the best Target I've ever been in, including the States" according to my Mom. 

I enjoyed shopping at Target too - and Hudson's Bay, Sears and Coles. I sneakily purchased a few gifts for Hannah while my Mom distracted her so she will still be surprised come Christmas morning.

After such a great experience, we know where we'll be visiting Santa next year.  

Have you made a trip to visit Santa?

Disclosure: I received a Santa Fast Pass and gift card for the purpose of this review. As always, opinions on this blog are my own. 

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