Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Preschool Confidential

A few weeks ago as I was approaching Hannah's preschool playground I heard some crying. As I got closer, I recognized the crying and saw my daughter with one of her best friends and a teacher close to one of the trees. Part of me wanted to run to Hannah, but another part of me wanted to stay back and watch the situation unfold to see what happens when I'm not there.

I decided on the later, and my appreciation for her centre - and the amazing people who take care of her - improved even more, which to be honest I never thought it could.

Hannah's teacher carefully checked her knees and hands, and then gave her a big hug. Apparently she had been running and tripped. By this point I had made it across the playground and Hannah ran in to my arms, tears still streaming down her face but definitely more quiet and almost calm. The friend who was with her is in kindergarten so gave me the full scoop about how they were playing and she had tripped. After a few kisses from Mommy, Hannah was absolutely fine.

This isn't the first time I've stayed back and watched Hannah in her preschool environment. One rainy day when I came to get her she was so busy putting three baby dolls to sleep that I stood there for almost three minutes before she noticed me. Another time, her class was singing a song with instruments and she kept dancing until the song ended. When the music stopped she finally took in her surroundings and noticed I had been standing there.

As much as my favourite part of the day is the "MOMMY!" yelp exclaimed happily while running to me at pick up, I really do enjoy getting a glimpse into her preschool life. It puts me at ease knowing how happy she is at preschool - and how well taken care of she is too.

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