Sunday, September 28, 2014

Adventures in Preschool

Considering the last preschool I was in was my brother's in the late 80s, the only recent knowledge of preschool I had was Sesame Street's ear worm parody "Preschool Musical" (based on Disney's High School Musical, of course). There's a snippet from Sesame Street's YouTube channel below, you can watch the full video on the Sesame Street website.

So about six weeks ago when Hannah became a "Preschooler" while she checked out the room I did too. I was ecstatic to see there was indeed "Block Corner" (they don't have "Dress Up Corner", but they do have a dress up box near the toy kitchen).

I also noticed the child-sized toilets AND child-sized sinks. There's a calendar, they discuss daily the weather, and the playground she has access to now...let's just say EVERY day she tells me how much she enjoys going down the various slides.

In six weeks, I have noticed she's much better at using her utensils. She can remove her shoes herself and put them in their proper place on the mat near our front door. And her language skills - she still has a few gibberish words, but now someone not used to toddler speak could easily converse with her.

At the end of summer, we took her to the Ex and she cried while she waited in line for rides. Last weekend we took her to Canada's Wonderland and she didn't cry in line once - she just asked "It's Hannah's turn?" over and over and OVER again until it was in fact her turn.

I'm so proud of all the progress she's made and how easily she adapted to her new environment. I can only hope this continues when she moves on to public school. (And OK, I secretly hope I can keep it together and NOT cry as she gets older...I balled my eyes out when she was in the infant room, I got misty-eyed when she was old enough to be in the toddler room, and for preschool I was just mostly in awe she's now old enough to be in that room and OK, slightly jealous of Block Corner).

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