Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Busy Parents Guide to Dating - Hospital Styles

Yesterday I was in the ER. I'm a migraine Mommy, and this "summer" weather (pft) has not been kind to my head.

On Tuesday evening I couldn't feel my right leg. Sometimes my limbs go numb, but usually after a night's sleep I feel normal again. Not the case Wednesday morning.

So Chris dropped me off at the hospital, drove Hannah to daycare and then came back to meet me. He arrived after my blood had been drawn (can you believe that still freaks me out after having given HOW much blood during my pregnancy?) and right before the coolest ER doctor ever saw me. This guy needs his own reality show. He was really just that cool of a dude. You would have thought we were just conversing like old friends at a party instead of him attempting to diagnose me in a busy Toronto hospital.

Anyways, after getting a needle in my butt, it was determined I needed a cat scan and was told since it was off my head, I could eat. So Chris quickly found a Tim Horton's and treated me to a water, bagel and some TimBits. That's when I realized it was the first time we had been "alone" in months.

While we were waiting for my cat scan, he found some free Metro newspapers for us to read.

When that was done and we were waiting to see cool dude Doctor we attempted the Sudoku together.

I'm happy to report there is nothing wrong with me...except for my migraines. Maybe my new neurologist who I will see in a few months can help me find the right medications to lead a normal life.

Where's the weirdest place you've ever had a date?

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