Friday, May 09, 2014

Pawsitively Pets offers educational, up-close encounters with a variety of animals

Hannah has entered a phase wherein whenever she enters an open space she just wants to run. Not so at Pawsitively Pets. Recently we participated in a Preschool Tadpole Class at the Leaside location. I think she was impressed as Chris and I were.

Michelle, our program instructor, started off by singing a song to welcome the kids to the class. Then she read a book that had actions the children could do - the class was all about movement and how different animals move.

Then it was time to meet some animal friends. First we met a pregnant rabbit. All of the children gently patted her. Then Kevin, a bearded dragon, made his appearance. We got to see him eat some worms and it was quite the sight to see! Lastly, a bird came out and stood on Hannah's shoe. All of the children got one on one time with each of the animals, and each child watched and waited patiently (even my daughter) for their turn. 

At this point the children coloured in outlines of bearded dragons and Michelle helped them glue two small squares of sandpaper to the dragon to mimic his rough skin. Hannah decided to colour on top of hers.

Then it was time to meet more animals! First there were some crabs, then a snake and then a sugar glider.

Throughout the class Michelle taught us about the animals and fielded questions from the kids - and their caregivers. It was such a great experience - we will definitely be signing up in the fall for a weekend class and doing some drop-ins in the meantime.

The Leaside Pawsitively Pets location offers many programs for children of all ages. Birthday parties, drop-ins, camps and before/after school programs are a few. The animals also visit senior centres, daycares/schools and can attend home birthday parties. They are even starting their own full-time preschool program this fall!

If your children like animals (and you don't want your house turning into a zoo), Pawsitively Pets is an amazing way for them to get up close to animals and learn about how truly amazing they really are.

Disclosure: We attended a free class for the purpose of this review. As always, opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Your daughter is so cute!

  2. Oh my gosh! Adorable -- the bird was on her shoe?! :)

    1. Yes, one child even had the bird on her head!


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