Monday, May 26, 2014

Heinz Little Kids snacks are healthy, tasty treats

We are very lucky in that Hannah likes a variety of foods and is always willing to try new things. We are very unlucky in the fact that Hannah's clothing seems to like to experiment with food as much as she does. This poses an even bigger problem when we are on the go and, uh, she commutes to work with me each and every day.

Always on the look out for healthy, non-messy snacks, I was excited to let Hannah try the Heinz Baby toddler snack line aptly named Heinz Little Kids. Meant for toddlers aged 1 to 4, the snacks are designed for little hands, mouths and tummies.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring #Plusabilities with Tide Plus #PGmom

It may have taken awhile, but spring has finally sprung and thus spring cleaning is happening in many homes across the country (including mine!). Since I was little, every spring my Mom would make my brother and I go through all of our winter clothes and our toys to donate whatever we hadn't used in the last six months to Goodwill.

Hannah is too young to go through things herself, but her clothing is quite easy to donate as she grows out of it (and if it's not "special" to us, well me, in some way). I'm not going to lie, the toys are a little more difficult to determine.

This May and June, a Tide truck will be visiting prominent family attractions in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal picking up gently used clothing donations to celebrate new beginnings with its not for profit partner, Goodwill. By donating gently used clothing to Goodwill during Tide Clothing Donation Day events, you’re not only de-cluttering your home, you’re also teaching your kids the value of giving back and the ripple effect, or Plusabilities behind a simple good deed.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

#TBT with Sesame Street Classics on Netflix Canada #StreamTeam

One of my favourite things about being a Mom is reliving my childhood while my daughter has hers.

Whether it be reading my childhood favourite books, playing with my brother's old school 80s Fisher-Price cash register or just colouring in a colouring book (colouring NEVER goes out of style), it's fun to share experiences with Hannah that I enjoyed as a child.

But my ultimate favourite thing to share with Hannah is easily the world of Sesame Street. And with the assistance of Netflix Canada, we can watch Sesame Street: Classics episodes together that I watched when I was her age.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Pawsitively Pets offers educational, up-close encounters with a variety of animals

Hannah has entered a phase wherein whenever she enters an open space she just wants to run. Not so at Pawsitively Pets. Recently we participated in a Preschool Tadpole Class at the Leaside location. I think she was impressed as Chris and I were.

Michelle, our program instructor, started off by singing a song to welcome the kids to the class. Then she read a book that had actions the children could do - the class was all about movement and how different animals move.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Celebrating with Rice Krispies Treats #Kelloggers

My brother's birthday is just 29 days after mine. When we were little this meant lots of birthday cakes in the spring, which is easily my favourite type of dessert. My brother never really liked cakes, so that meant I got lots of his leftovers.

My brother recently celebrated his birthday, and, as a non-baker creating a treat for someone who doesn't like cake, I immediately thought of Rice Krispie Squares, his favourite treat.

It was quick to make and easy to deliver.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Lindsey's Cakes for Miracles - DQ Cakes support Children's Miracle Network

Do you know what you're getting your Mom for Mother's Day? I'm not sure what I'm giving to my Mom yet (she keeps flip flopping), but I know what I'd love - to share a DQ Cake with Hannah, and here's why.

During the week leading up to Mother’s Day (May 4-11), $1.00 from every DQ Cake sold at participating locations will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network. The funds raised stay local and will be used for life-saving equipment, research, community outreach events, educational tools and much more at the local Children’s Miracle Network member hospital.

Lindsey’s Cakes for Miracles was created by Lindsey and Sadie, daughters of Vancouver, BC DQ franchisee, Tony Lourenco. Lindsey was diagnosed with leukemia at age 12. During Lindsey’s fight, the Lourenco family experienced first-hand the crucial care provided by the medical staff at the BC Children’s Oncology Unit and felt compelled to help other children in need at Children’s Miracle Network member hospitals across Canada. Lindsey and her twin sister Sadie hatched the idea to help kids like Lindsey and give back to the community by executing the campaign in their father’s DQ restaurant. The success of the girls’ idea led Dairy Queen Canada to launch Lindsey’s Cakes for Miracles across the country.