Thursday, February 27, 2014

Clothes, clothes, clothes! #SavingMadeSimple #PGmom

Once upon a time (aka 7 years ago) I still lived with my Mom while I was paying off college and saving for a place. One night I came home with Lululemon pants. $90 Lululemon yoga pants. If my Mom knew how much these pants cost, she would have flipped - even if I was a 20-something working woman. But guess what? I wore those pants last weekend. $12 a year doesn't seem so bad for a pair of amazing pants that look brand new when they come out of the dryer - and they are still in fashion!

Clothes are something we all have to wear (unless we want to be charged with indecent exposure in public). I'm not very trendy (my wardrobe is filled with dark jeans, sweaters and tees in various shades & prints and about four dresses). As I get older I know what looks good on me and what I feel comfortable in. But sometimes I'm still bitten by the sale bug. The allure of online shopping (especially boxing day sales!) sometimes has my Credit Card getting quite the workout (don't worry Gail - I pay my bill in full EACH and EVERY month).

Monday, February 24, 2014

March Break Cash #Giveaway $250 USD! #MarchBreakCash

Ah March Break. My favourite time of the year until I started university. A whole week off of school to sleep in, do touristy things with my family and watch as many movies as I could handle.

What are your plans for this March Break? Would you like to win $250 USD PayPal cash to help you decide?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

What's New at Kellogg Canada (#Review & #Giveaway)

Ever since I tried my first spoonful of Rice Krispies I have been a Kellogg's fan. I recently became part of the Kelloggers Network which means you will see many more posts about their awesome products in the months to come.

When I received my first red box last week, my family didn't know where to start. In the end I dug into the new Nutri-Grain Fruit Crunch bars and Hannah tried the Special K Cracker Chips Salt & Vinegar Flavour. OK we both ended up sharing because the other person's snack looked delicious - and they were. The crunch bar tasted like the homemade afternoon snack Hannah is lucky enough to get at daycare. And the Cracker Chips? Light and crispy...we couldn't eat just one...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Top 5 Reasons I'm Jealous of my Cat

My jealousy for felines first occurred many years ago. I wanted to avoid a test at school and told my Mom I wished I was a cat and never had to leave the house. She then told me I would live a very boring life and I wouldn't be able to go to the movies, amusement parks, any general places of fun. I saw her point, but remained jealous.

Now that I'm a Mom I'm even more jealous of cats. Enter Booyah and my five reasons below.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Boomerang Kids - Great Selection, Great Price, Great Shopping Experience

My biggest pet peeve about play dates is this: regardless of whatever toys Hannah enjoys playing with in other people’s homes, she always focuses on the one toy that is no longer being manufactured.

Enter the Playskool Busy Ball Popper. Hannah played with this at TWO different homes for a long period of time. The squeals emitted from her mouth and the smiles on her face even led me to take video on one occasion. Of course, I searched for said toy for weeks afterwards. I could only find it on Amazon…at a pretty costly price. Playskool now makes some sort of Elephant Ball Popper, but it was not the one Hannah had fallen in love with.

If your child ever falls in love with a toy that is no longer being manufactured, go directly to Boomerang Kids - North America’s first and only resale chain of stores carrying new and nearly new children’s merchandise that’s available in-store and online.

I hopped on to their website, quickly found a gently used Playskool Busy Ball Popper and Hannah was happily playing with it, now her very own, the very next day.