Sunday, September 22, 2013

Behind the scenes with Bounty #PGmom

Before you read the next sentence, you have to promise to continue reading this post. It never occurred to me that paper towel, toilet paper or facial tissue would be made the same way as paper (sadly, my only saving grace is the fact that facial tissue doesn't have the word paper in it.)

Thankfully, I was able to participate in a P&Gmom Bounty webinar with Gregg Weaver, P&G research and development engineer for Bounty. He taught me a lot about how they make the Quicker Picker Upper!

Like all other P&G products, Bounty does a LOT of research with consumers to find out what they want in a paper towel.

Being klutzy (and having a toddler), I clean a lot of spills. And therefore I go through a lot of Bounty (remember my post about how dishcloths carry gross germs?) The worst thing in the world is when you are trying to wipe something up, and it drips all the way to the garbage can...creating even more mess. Enter Bounty's Trap & Lock technology. Watch the video featuring Gregg below:

Some interesting facts from the US P&G website:
  • Bounty with Trap & Lock TechnologyTM  has a proprietary structure design with a more open and reinforced fiber network inside each sheet. This results in better distribution of water and helps lock in spills better than our previous version.
  • Liquid moves through the channels to areas of the sheet where it can be retained, for less mess left behind on the surface than before.
  • It also has improved performance when wet, and features a new emboss design.
In regards to the first point, I was really curious about the embossing design (after all, these are the hurdles that trap the liquid). Does an engineer design it? Do they test with consumers to see if it is pretty enough? Apparently the process team determines what is possible while maintaining the integrity of the sheet, while design determines which designs visually drive impressions. They do test designs with consumers to determine which ones are liked.

When I heard about the second point, it sort of reminded me about the technology behind Pampers and Always. Both those products trap liquid. I asked if Bounty works with those departments, and they do. When I first became a P&Gmom I didn't really understand why certain products were a part of the company, but as I learn more and more about the research behind each one they all seem to be connected if you dig deep enough.

And for the third point, Gregg had one of the coolest videos (and also a live demonstration!) about the strength of Bounty. Check out the video below:

Don't you just want to go wet a sheet of Bounty and then use it to hold up a soup can after watching that?

Lastly, I've always wondered why Bounty comes in what seems like random quantities. Well some stores (and some consumers) prefer one roll and others prefer eight rolls. (Think the corner store versus a big box store. Living in a small apartment, it's often hard for me to store a bunch of rolls of anything...although sometimes a sale is too difficult to pass up and random rolls of Bounty and Charmin will be found throughout my house.)

Gregg was such an amazing guy to listen to - you can really tell he loves his job and that making the consumer happy through Bounty innovation is his number one goal.

What do you use Bounty for? (I use it to clean up spills, clean with products, clean my daughter's face, sometimes as a plate, in the microwave...the list is endless!)

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own.  

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  1. I bought Bounty paper towels for the first time several weeks ago when Costco had them on coupon. I love them! I am going back on Wednesday to buy another pack! Thank you!


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