Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Signature McWrap tasty addition to McDonald's Canada menu

I'm a little obsessed with McDonald's. As part of my travelling, I've eaten at a McDonald's in every country I've visited (save Cuba and Jamaica, of course, since there are no McDonald's restaurants there). It's fun to be able to get your favourites away from home, but it's also neat to see what McDonald's serves in other geographical locations. The last trip I took was to Hawaii - I love how Spam is on the menu there!

So when I found out the new Signature McWrap at McDonald's Canada is already a successful offering in Europe, I had to try it. (Canadians are the first to have a whole wheat tortilla wrap.)
Chris got the Sweet Chili Signature McWrap and I got the Chicken and Bacon Signature McWrap.

It was as delicious as it was filling. I chose crispy over grilled chicken, and it went so well with the Jalapeno Monterey Jack cheese. It came in a neat box-type thingy which made the wrap easy to eat without causing a big mess. Hannah had a bite of mine, and seemed to prefer it over the Chicken McNuggets that came in her Happy Meal.
I would definitely have a McWrap again, especially if I had to eat on the go.
However, the Big Mac will always remain my favourite sandwich (regardless how messy), and the one I continue to enjoy worldwide.

Disclosure: I was given McDonald's gift cards for the purpose of this review. As always, the opinions on this blog are my own.

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