Saturday, March 16, 2013

What to Do with Kids Artwork

My favourite thing about Hannah in daycare is the huge smile I receive when I pick her up. Sometimes, she can't stop hugging me. Other days she'll sing "Mama" over and over again. On a few occasions, we've even cuddled in the car before she'll let me go up front to drive us home without tears.

I've also mentioned I like the little reports the daycare gives us, but a few weeks ago something amazing was waiting for me in her cubby (well, anything is amazing compared to what I usually get- soiled clothing). Alas, the truly amazing items? ARTWORK.

Paintings, gluings (fabric glued on paper), pictures with paint AND gluings. It's like I won the lottery. I came home and proudly put some on the fridge. Picked out one to be framed. And then wondered, what do I do with the rest?

So like any mom in the 21st Century, I hopped on to the Interwebs and asked on my Facebook page.

I got some great responses, including taking pictures, creating a book, creating a book of the artwork photos. When she's older, I'll let her keep the "important" pieces. For now, I don't think she remembers creating these masterpieces let alone if they have an importance to her.

The one getting framed has the most importance to me - it's a hand painting done on her first birthday (see photo above). It will be hung in my house now, and always.

What do you do with your kid's artwork?

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  1. I have saved most of their work in folders :)

  2. My favourite is to scan the special ones and put them into a large format framed collage. My son loves to look at his drawings - will be a nice keepsake as he gets older too!

  3. My kids are now 13, 12 and 11 and producing amazing art pieces. I frame the best ones and have a wall where I display their work. Always amazes the guests. I kept their work from when they were little in scrapbooks.


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