Saturday, February 02, 2013

Mama I'm a Big Girl Now

OK. So Hannah can't actually say, "Mama I'm a Big Girl Now," but as I continually stress to Chris actions speak louder than words.

Last week Hannah turned 1. I have been fighting a nasty cough/cold since I returned to work and on her actual birthday I was so sick I had to stay home from work and only saw her for like an hour. I know she didn't realize it was her birthday, but I still felt a lot of Mom guilt. Especially when she wanted to cuddle and I kept leaving her to cough loud enough our neighbours could probably hear.

One of the things I really wanted to do is write a list of all the awesome things she can do at 12 months. She's mastered 7 words. She can eat bigger pieces of food, and bites things herself without us having to break it up for her (as proven when she devoured one of her customized Elmo birthday sugar cookies). She crawls to whatever she wants and is becoming a very independent little lady (although, the grunting and pointing thing is becoming a little old...).

My personal favourite skill that has been perfected over the last couple of months is the removal of her socks. As soon as we get home from daycare and I remove her outerwear, she pulls off her socks almost right away. It's my favourite, because shortly thereafter I do the same. (I hate socks...but I also hate feet. Go figure?)

I hope at some point, when I'm feeling better, and have work and this blog under control, that I can sit down and recall all the things she can do at age 1, and all the amazing things that came before that. Thankfully my Mom keeps very detailed photo albums (yes, plural, I think she's on number four) and our daycare gives us weekly report cards of all the things that fill her days. My goal is to finish her baby book that follows her first year before Chris' birthday in May...when Hannah will be 15 months old. Maybe I should change that to her 2nd birthday. Time is flying way faster than I could have ever imagined...

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  1. Being sick as a mom is sick days for a mom. Don't berate yourself for what you couldn't do. The most important thing is to make sure you get better and then you will enjoy all the little things again. Feel better! (and thank goodness for our moms)


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