Sunday, February 24, 2013

Good Cop, Bad Cop

When I found out I was pregnant, I assumed I would be the "bad" cop when it came to disciplining our child. Years of teaching recreational gymnastics and being a camp counsellor during my high school summers taught me how to deal with kids. When they are upset, distract. When they fall, act like it's not a big deal so they don't freak out. If a child was misbehaving, I was the usually the one who sat down with them and explained to them why they were yanked from the "Red Light, Green Light" game for tripping a fellow camper.

However, when it comes to my own daughter, she is has me wrapped around her super tiny little finger. When she yelps just slightly her distaste about my taking away a toy, it's immediately back in her palms. She even looks at something in the store, and I already have it in the cart to purchase. (However, my Mom is a lot worse...when Chris and I try to convince the other that Hannah doesn't need something my Mom offers to buy it...this is what we call being "Grandma'd"...and why Hannah has an Elmo book about sleeping in a big bed even though thats months away and why she has a toy guitar).

I only allow her to cry for two reasons - when changing her diaper (most of the time she fusses, but it needs to be done) and when giving her medicine (which ends up being the fight of the century...and Hannah getting amoxicillin in her hair, darn ear infections!).

Chris is more willing to step up to the plate and not give in to fake cries. My rationale is I will get tougher when she understands actions have consequences. I fear as she gets older I will just change my rationale and continue to let Chris be the mean guy.

Are you the good cop or bad cop when it comes to parenting?

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  1. I'm definitely the bad cop...and my son knows it! He milks his dad whenever he can! lol! I can't help it...I'm a teacher too so my son has no fighting chance! I was actually raised by a very strict mother. She meant business, but at the same time I was never deprived of love, affection, nor material things. I'm obviously just like her when it comes to raising kids...but I'm ok with that because I turned out fine!

    1. My Mom was also the person I feared growing up...perhaps if we do become our parents the tables will turn soon enough!


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