Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby's First Prescription

Today is the official last day of my maternity leave. I have no idea where a year went, and sometimes am amazed by how much this little person who I am so proud to call my daughter has grown.

I've spent the last three days tending to my sick Hannah, who has been home from daycare. We called Telehealth Ontario and finally gave in and braved the waiting room to see the doctor.

She has an ear and throat infection and she's now on antibiotics. It was weird seeing her name on medicine (not as weird as when my turtle got prescribed cream or my cat got prescribed pills, but weird nonetheless).

In a way, I feel some serious mom guilt. Because I wanted to spend more time with her before I went back to work. Obviously not under these circumstances, but still.

Maybe it's just the constant flows of "Mama" leaving her lips, usually when she is pain. A part of me knows I should feel honoured she seeks me out when she needs to be soothed and she trusts I am the one who will protect her while making things right. Another, bigger part of me just feels even more guilty because I know there is not much I can do but provide cuddles, kisses and plenty of water.

I really hope she is feeling better by Sunday. Going to work is going to be hard enough - it will be that much harder if I know she's still sick and I won't be the one taking care of her.

How do you deal with having to leave your kids when they are sick?

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