Sunday, January 20, 2013

All Moms Should Go to Circus School

It's Sunday night. Tomorrow will begin a new work week, my second in the last 54 weeks. The mat leave is over, and in some respects, so is the party.

Everything has changed. Routines have to change. Alarm clocks have to change. How I manage my time has to change. I need to learn to juggle my priorities and therefore focuses in life. I need to learn to juggle.

I made it through my first week OK. There was no crying in the bathroom. There were lost passwords and new ideas at work.

There was no Sesame Street. No finger foods. No cuddles. No baby giggles.

There was also no Caillou. No messes. No pinches. No tantrums.

I could get up to use the washroom whenever I pleased without securing anyone or singing to them while I did my business.

If someone wanted something from me, they would just ask - in English. What a revolutionary way to communicate!

Once we get in to grooves and all adjust - Chris to dropping Hannah off at daycare, Hannah to spending all day at daycare, and me to work and daycare pickup (which, is seriously the BEST moment of my ENTIRE day) I think I will be happy to be back at work.

The phrase "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" could not be more true in this case. Being away from my daughter all day gives me extra patience with her in the evening and I can't get enough of being with her (well, save poopy diapers - the daycare can have ALL of those!).

So if my blog posts are a little sparse for the next few weeks you'll know why - I've run away to join the circus and learn how to juggle.

How did you learn to juggle?

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  1. Juggling it all is the hardest thing. I swear, just when I think I have it figured out I feel totally overwhelmed and want to hide under my bed for a day.
    It is a juggling act and it sounds like you are doing great!
    Congrats on the first week being done. Go mama!



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