Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Organize stylishly with Martha Stewart Home Office for Avery at Staples Canada

As some of you may know, we moved last week. As I type this we are still surrounded by many boxes and there are still many things I can't find (note to self - next move, write on every box EXACTLY what is in every box).

One of the joys of this move was setting up our desk with Martha Stewart Home Office for Avery products, which are exclusively found at Staples Canada.

Do you remember that awesome feeling of fresh notebooks and new pencil crayons from school? Or am I the only nerd who loved the smell of a brand new eraser? Setting up my new desk space with these fabulous products gave me the same sort of organized, fresh-start feeling.

Which is important, because in about six weeks I return to work (insert big frowning emoticon here). I was starting to get nervous about how I will handle working full-time with posting on this blog, in addition to all of my motherly (and other) responsibilities. Thankfully with the help of these products I am more organized and my time will be well spent when I get time to focus on my blog.

The various notepads and notebooks are well made - and are easily ripped out if you need to take just that sheet of paper somewhere. I have already started multiple "to do" lists.

The Stack + Fit Desk Accessories tided all my office supplies easily and stylishly.

And this line of products organized much more than just my desk - we use the Magnetic Note Pad and Dry Erase Decal on the fridge, to jot down things with both have to remember, from important dates to buying more hand soap.

We also use the Large Shagreen Double Pocket for bills, receipts and important letters.

The products were so easy to use, you literally open the package, put it where you want it and voila, you're done.

Going back to work is going to be hard on a multitude of levels, but at least my home will be organized thanks to the Martha Stewart Home Office for Avery line.

You can also check out the Martha Stewart Tips and Ideas at Staples website for helpful tips on how to use the products to their full advantage.

How do you keep your desk/home office organized?

Disclosure: I received Martha Stewart Home Office for Avery products from Staples Canada to review for the purpose of the post. As always, the opinions and language on my blog are all my own.

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  1. Martha Stewart has great products...and I love her organizational ones! :) So handy and stylish!

  2. With twins on the way and me being super lazy...I need some organization! Love Martha Stewart products and her site has tonnes of great craft idea's...naturally ;)

  3. My life is a damn mess. I had no clue she had these products. Thanks.

  4. NICE! I need to have a better organizing system here! It's getting kinda busy! LOL!

  5. I just purchased her dividers and labels. Love them!

  6. I love products which help to get your life in order. Though, I admit I am very disorganized.

  7. I LOVE office supplies. I didn't know there were so many of us out there! I got excited when my daughter started JK. Much to my dismay, she doesn't need school supplies, yet... Perhaps I'll just start stocking up now!

  8. I'm like Country Mouse, City Mouse -- I can spend tons of money on organizing products because I always make it a New Years resolution yet they are so pretty I never use them much because I'm afraid to ruin them. LOL! Make sense?

  9. Love these products! Some of my favorite. Wish I had more.
    Unlike Cheryl L I LOVE to use them :)

  10. I'm moderately obsessed with all things fact I asked my husband to get be a Martha glitter pack for Christmas (am I five?)!


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