Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Display your Christmas Cards with Command

With Christmas less than a week away, my mail is becoming more greeting cards than bills and I'm sure I'm not alone.

So, how do you display your Christmas cards?

With your fireplace mantle usually jam-packed by the time Santa comes to visit, appreciate all the glory from those seasons’ greetings by creating a holiday card collage on your wall with Command poster strips. (You can find a list of stores that carry Command here, a pack of 12 retails for $2.99.)

I have started my own collage already, and it's great. I can leave my picture frame "displays" (and OK, my collection of turtles figurines from around the world AND OK, OK, my Transformers action figures) alone, and my cards make my walls a lot more festive.

Plus baby can admire the cards, without trying to rip them. Or put them in her mouth.

The Command poster strips are easy to use AND remove. Just make sure you clean the area with isopropyl rubbing alcohol before you stick or you may have difficulties after the Epiphany. (You can see how easy the process of mounting and removal of Command products are by watching this video How to Use Command.)

How do you make your house festive for the holidays?

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  1. Trevor K12/20/2012

    I actually DO use the 3M Command Poster Strips to hang my various christmas cards. Since we just had a baby (Dec.10th) we have had no time o energy to put up a tree and really decorate so I have been trying to make it a little more cheerful for us by posting the beautiful christmas cards we get from our loving family and friends.

    ps....I will be using the Command strips for posting picture all over my office of my little guy too!!!!


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