Thursday, November 22, 2012

Volunteering to Sleep on the Couch

When I was younger, I always thought it was a little weird that my Grandma and Grandpa had separate bedrooms. But after months of not sleeping in the same bed as Chris, I've come to realize why.

As I wrote about in Sleep Paranoia, one of us always slept in the twin bed in Hannah's room. But our new place doesn't have enough room for a twin bed so we got rid of it over the weekend. So the big queen bed in the master bedroom has become smaller with the addition of another body. And now Hannah is all alone in her room in her crib.

The move has had a positive effect on Hannah - she is actually sleeping longer and more soundly. The same can not be said for her parents or her pet.

Our cat Booyah usually sleeps multiple places through out the night, but he logs the most time in the master bedroom. Before Chris slept in the nursery a lot, so this meant Booyah was my bed companion. Booyah doesn't make noise when he moves (unless he meows). Booyah doesn't have a need for a blanket. And best of all, Booyah takes up the same amount of space as a pillow does, allowing for the human sharing his bed ultimate stretching power.

Booyah watches over Hannah while she sleeps...
The first night we got rid of the twin bed, Booyah tried to sleep on a slither of mattress beside me. He gave me this look with his eyes like, "I'm used to having my own side. I know I'm small, but I need more space than this!"

Now it's hard for me to sleep because I'm overly conscious of Chris, "his" side of the bed and not hogging the blankets. Booyah never picked a "side" nor cared if I hogged the blanket.

Of course, I'm also worried and hear noises that could be Hannah, but are usually just in my mind.

So maybe I would sleep better on the couch. After all, Booyah already has his spot with his blanket on the top of the back frame - I would never roll into him again. Too bad the couch won't fit in the new nursery.

What are the sleeping arrangements in your house like?

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  1. For months my husband and I took turns sleeping downstairs on the couch and then we moved upstairs together. Then the boys started to have sleep problems so we split up and one of us slept with one of the twins in the spare room and the other in our bed. Now thankfully we are back to our own bed, the boys sleep in their cribs, but our cat, Samson still takes up most of my pillow. Sleeping arrangements are hard. Wishing you luck!


  2. Oh the first year was crazy with both of my kids. DD slept in a bassinet and sometimes with me for the first 6 months of her life. Then she transferred to the crib and it was find. DS is a much bigger kid so he started in the crib from day 1. He isn't a good sleeper though and requires us to sit in his room watching him fall asleep. Some days he will sleep through the night and some days he will wake up to make sure we're still there in the room with him. So he cries, calls for us and one of us has to go over and sleep on the ground from 4am onwards. We've moved a mattress into his room just to make it easier for us. Now we don't feel like we're camping!

    Good luck! I don't sleep will ever be the same after having a child. There's always something keeping you up.

  3. Our kids sleep in their own rooms however the first year was rough with both of them. DD was in our room or bed for the first 6 months (she had colic so it was just easier for me if she was near by) and DS requires one of us to sit in his room watching him fall asleep (naps and bedtime) even at 16 months. He sometimes will wake up to check if we're still in the room. If we're not, he will cry, start calling for us and one of us has to go sleep on the floor in his room. It's happened many times that we put a mattress on the ground in his room so we don't feel like we're camping. You can't even see the floor now in his room. ;)

  4. I love it when my dog sleeps in the bed with me because he's so big and cuddly and warm. Unfortunately, since we only have a double bed, I only let the dog up there if my husband hasn't come to bed yet. When my daughter was born, she slept in her crib in our room, but when she was about 4 months old, she started waking up whenever we'd come in the room, so we moved her to her own room then, and it's been great! Good luck with your new arrangement!


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