Saturday, November 10, 2012

Baby's First Cold

I knew it would happen sooner or later. Living in Toronto, where we experience all four seasons, Hannah was bound to catch a cold. I knew it was a milestone I didn't want to reach. What I didn't realize is how helpless Chris and I would feel. And how cute, yet annoying, baby snoring is.

Our poor little girl is all snuffles and sweats.

Last night she threw-up on me. Three times. Then she woke up every 2-3 hours crying because she didn't like the position she was sleeping in. This afternoon, she wouldn't go down for her nap. So she slept on me.

We have given her Tylenol when her temperature rises, we now have a Vicks Vapourizer running in her room and we give her as many cuddles as she can possibly handle. We offer her water frequently, and thankfully she is still eating and fillng her diapers as if nothing was wrong. Our doctor has told us there's not much more we can do except let the illness run its course.

Oh, and I forgot to mention how much she HATES us wiping her nose.

However, I still feel lucky that the common cold is all we have to deal with. I can only imagine now how parents feel who have children who suffer real medical emergencies. In a couple of days, Hannah will feel better and our house will go back to normal. Other families may not be so lucky.

Do you have a tip for when your LO catches a cold?

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  1. I hope the cold passes quickly. It's no fun for kids or parents when they're sick! I have no tips other than what you've been already doing. Both my kids hate getting their noses wiped when they have the cold but we use the snot sucker (what is the name of it -- I really need to use the proper terminology) on them even if they're screaming (one of usually has to hold their hands down and the other uses the sucker).

    1. Thank you - she's feeling a lot the snot sucker an aspirator? We have one of those...and yes, I've started to hold her hands. I feel bad, but I know I'm helping her. I just wish SHE knew that. :)


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