Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Space Chums! (Review and Giveaway)

Watch out earthlings, there's a new kids band on the planet and they hail from Outer Space.

The Space Chums! consist of Disco-Cosmonaut Nickolai, Space Ninja Linda, Galacto-Fashionista Gussy and Bleep Bloop their robot drummer.

Hannah and I got a chance to listen to their EP Blast Off, and we have become huge fans. When the song "I Love It" comes on, Hannah's face lights up and she starts to clap (her ultimate sign of approval). As for me, I love "Crazy Moves" and have been singing it in my head (and to the annoyance of Chris, out loud) for the past three days. Chris has nothing against the song - he just doesn't like my singing voice.

The songs are fast-beat and popish, daring you not to dance along. They sing about acceptance, support, friendship and being positive. They also teach how to rhyme. And of course, they sing about their space adventures. All of their songs are out of this world!

Check out their YouTube video below.

If you live in the Toronto area, the Space Chums! are touching down on Sunday, November 11 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for a Dance Party! They will be landing at 3030 Dundas West (the address and name of the venue).

To keep up with the Space Chums!, make sure to visit and like their Spacebook page.

One lucky YYZ Bambina reader can win the Space Chums! CD and a t-shirt. To enter, please fill out the Rafflecopter below!

Open to Canadian Residents only. Valid entries only. Contest ends Sunday, November 11, 2012. For further contest rules, refer to the Terms and Conditions within the Rafflecopter. 

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Disclosure: I was not compensated to review the Space Chums! CD. As always, all opinions and language are my own.

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  1. Beeble Bop! Do you guys like this one?

  2. sunshine sneaking! <3 I am an ECE and would LOVE this!

  3. My kids would LOVE these guys. Chum a Lum sounds cute. Thanks for linking up to last weeks FB Wall Post. Feel free to do it again today (seeing as it's Tuesday), http://www.facebook.com/JourneysofTheZoo2

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  4. Michelle Kafka10/30/2012

    Another song is Word Wizard.

  5. Word Wizard sounds great!

  6. tennille11/03/2012

    Word Wizard

  7. The Space Chum Theme


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