Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Tricks than Treats

Happy Halloween!

Today Hannah and I were supposed to go to our weekly music class with Sonshine & Broccoli. I was so excited Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, so that Hannah could be around other kids who were dressed up and show off her super cute Banana costume that her Auntie made for her.

Booyah is actually holding a tomato toy,
but let's pretend it is a pumpkin for Halloween.
Instead, Grandma is at the mall with Hannah (not dressed as a fruit) and I am at home in my PJs on the couch eating many freeze pops because my lymph nodes decided to get all swollen.

After waiting an hour to see the doctor, I got told to drink lots of liquids and not kiss baby. I am contagious. :(

I'm obviously more disappointed by today's events than Hannah because she has no idea. In some respects I guess I should be happy she's not old enough to realize she might be missing out on anything. When Daddy gets home Hannah will parade her costume around for us, we will take lots of photos and then maybe watch "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." (We live in a building, so will have no Trick-or-Treaters coming to our door.)

I will spend the rest of the night cuddling my black cat Booyah. Not because he deserves extra love today (being a black cat on Halloween can be tough), but because I can't pass the on virus to him.

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and stays safe, and hopefully dry.

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween?

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  1. So sorry that you aren't feeling well. I was sick most of October and it was brutal!

    My boys dressed as sharks. Pics will be posted soon :)



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