Sunday, October 14, 2012

Help Silk Canada plant trees by reducing your carbon footprint

Did you know that buying a carton (1.89L) of Silk instead of milk helps reduce your carbon footprint? It generates 49 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions1 and uses 76 per cebt less water2 than dairy milk. It also has a host of nutritional benefits and a silky smooth taste. To do even more for the environment, Silk has partnered with Tree Canada to help them plant more trees3! 

To inspire Canadians to join this initiative, reduce their carbon footprint and add to our Tree Canada donations, Silk has created a Carbon Calculator on Facebook that: 

  • Asks Canadians to pledge to reduce their carbon footprint by choosing 1 of 7 options, such as avoid buying bottled water, reduce showering time or increasing recycling.

  • Calculates the environmental impact their pledge will make.

  • For every pledge, Silk will donate an additional dollar4 to Tree Canada to plant more trees! 

    Will you make a pledge to help Silk help Tree Canada? I did and reduced my carbon footprint enough to take 156 cars off the road.

    1Based on a U.S. study comparing one carton (1.89L) of U.S. dairy milk and Original Silk soy and almond beverages and applied to Canadian Silk sales. U.S. study: Life Cycle Assessment conducted in 2011 by WhiteWave Foods Company and certified using the ISO 14040/44 framework for comparative declarations by an independent panel of LCA experts.
    2Based on a 2010 water footprint assessment conducted by Silk using the Water Footprint Network methodology.
    4Up to a maximum of $25k 

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