Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Mama," she said

Hannah finally speaks my language.

After mastering "Dada" over a month ago,  Hannah then moved on to "Baba" which I can only assume is for our cat, Booyah.

But last week, the M word was finally uttered by her cute, tiny lips.

The first occasion happened after our Diaper Aquafit class. I was in the cold change room trying to get Hannah out of her bathing suit and into her warm, dry clothes as quickly as possible. As a pro-nudist, Hannah was not amused I wanted to put clothes on her. She was crying and fussing and finally yelled, "MAMA!"

A part of me wanted to ask the other moms changing their babies if they had heard it. But, firstly, I wanted to keep my cool as it was just the first class and secondly, they were busy trying to dress their crying babies.

So yeah, the first time was not the magical experience I'd hope it would be.

About an hour later, she said it again. I had just bathed her, and again was trying to get her dressed. She was crying and kicking, and angrily said, "Mama!"

That was Monday.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were filled with "Dada"s and "Baba"s but no more "Mama"s.

Then yesterday, my Mom, Chris, Hannah and I were at Tim Hortons. I had made my order and came back to the table. Hannah looked directly at me, and said, "Mama". No crying. No kicking. Just happy Hannah.

It's almost like she wanted to wait for the referee (that would be my Mom) to be present to prove, that in fact, she had reached the "Mama" milestone.

When did your baby say "Mama"? Do you remember where you were/what you were doing?

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  1. What a fantastic post! I am not sure if I can remember when the boys said Mama. They said Dog first and Dada. Mama came much later. I was convinced for a long time that they were just making sounds but then, one day I felt it was deliberate.
    Now they say it at least 2000 times a day. But while it can be annoying it is also the most amazing thing ever!


  2. Awe. I actually wanted her to say "cat" or "meow" or "Booyah" (if she was really THAT talented) so that "Dada" nor "Mama" would have been said first. Oh wells.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Yay! Congrats to Hannah for reaching the "Mama" milestone. :) I cannot remember when my girls said "Mommy" but I think it must be during playtime.

    It's good you were able to record this milestone, I'm sure Hannah would love to know about it when she grows up.

    Hopping over from SITs. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! :)

  4. Oh my...that's been so long ago, but I do remember being thrilled. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. YAY!!! Your first official witnessed Mama, very exciting. Our boy said mama after dada, tata and este (spanish for this). Cute post.

  6. Congrats! That's an awesome milestone. My daughter first said it on mother's day weekend. She has awesome timing!


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