Monday, September 24, 2012

Green Your Routine with Seventh Generation Wrap-Up

Hope you all had fun and learned something while we all took part in the Green Your Routine Challenge from Seventh Generation.

I know I learned A LOT. I will be packing only litterless lunches from now on, and I will definitely be reading labels a lot more carefully when it comes to cleaning products. I will also remind myself to walk instead of drive, and as it gets colder take public transit as often as I can and leave the car at home. I also have started a handy chores chart. Chris and I are only on it for now, but when Hannah is old enough, she'll be added too.

You can revisit any of my Green Your Routine posts by clicking on their titles below:

  1. Packing a litterless lunch
  2. Switching to eco-friendly cleaners
  3. Green commuting
  4. Rebranding responsibility

And of course, congratulations go out to Andrea A., the winner of a Seventh Generation Starter Pack!

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Disclosure: I received Seventh Generation products as part of participating in the Green Your Routine with Seventh Generation Challenge. All opinions and language are my own.

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