Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Wind in my Face

So, yet another household appliance soothes Hannah - the first, you may recall, was the stove's fan. Sometimes it makes me wonder why I bother buying her all these fun toys if she's just as amused by things we need to own. And then I remember, I like playing with those toys too...

The latest appliances-turned-entertainment are cool air makers. It's been a HOT summer in Toronto, and thanks to my awesome GBF we thankfully have air conditioning. Since our hydro is included in the rent, I can count the number of times we've turned off our window unit on one hand.

We first discovered Hannah loved being blown away on her first trip to Centre Island. She giggled and smiled whenever a big wind gust came and got caught in her hair.

One day while we were out shopping she became mesmerized by a huge ceiling fan.

So now, I've thrown in "Stand by air conditioning unit so cool air blows in Hannah's face" and "Watch bedroom fan" into the rotation of our daily activities that keep Hannah entertained.

Blowing air on her forehead also works. And it may look funny in public, but I get less cut eye from strangers doing that versus when she is loudly fussing.

I can only imagine what household product will amuse her next. Which amuse your LO?

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  1. my daughter LOVES watching our ceiling fan in our bedroom. She lies on our bed right under the fan. I too think she loves the gust of air that comes from it. Now that she is almost walking she loves to open and close doors. Oh, I can't forget the tupperware drawer in the kitchen! She could be amused by those containers for hours!

  2. Thanks Renee! I am adding Tupperware as potential entertainment to my list :)

  3. My son used to love to lay on our bed and watch the ceiling fan and talk to it (this was when he was just a few months old). Now, he loves to open and close doors, turn on and off lightswitches (we have to hold him up to do it; he always grins at the light and babbles when it turns on), and pretty much anything he can pick up and throw and crawl after it. This includes rolls of masking tape, the rings off his ring stacker, cat toys, shoes, etc.

    Oh, and he loves the spoingers behind the doors.


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