Friday, August 31, 2012

New President's Choice Supreme Diapers are soft AND absorbent

These diapers will save your baby's clothes and save you money...

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package of brand new President's Choice (PC) Supreme Diapers is how soft they are. I seriously wouldn't mind a pillow made from these diapers. They are THAT soft. 

But a diaper cannot be judged on softness alone. As we introduce Hannah to more and more solid foods, her diapers are becoming more instrumental in saving her clothes (and rocking chair, high chair, car seat, etc.) from poop. I'm happy to report that these diapers stood up to the test. One even withstood as an overnight dirty diaper - and kept the mess contained better than any brand we have used yet. The super absorbent core and back waistband that helps prevent leakage left her clothing dry and stain-free. The soft, stretchy sides ensured a snug and comfortable fit, and the diapers moved along with Hannah with no issues at all.

The diapers come in sizes 1 to 6 (with a wetness indicator for sizes 1 and 2). They are hypoallergenic and fragrance free. A box (comparable sizing to national leading brands) retails for $24.99.
Truthfully, the only things these diapers don't have that the leading brands do are Disney or Sesame Street characters on the design. There are also no "points" to collect, but with the savings I accrue by purchasing PC Supreme Diapers versus the leading brands, I can choose to buy whatever toys/DVDs I want for Hannah.

President's Choice has definitely done their homework when it comes to these new diapers. I wasn't a fan of their PC Green ones, but I will happily buy the Supreme ones for Hannah.

President's Choice Supreme Diapers can be found at your local Loblaw banner supermarket now. In Ontario, they are available at Loblaws®, Loblaw greatfood®, Zehrs®, Zehrs greatfood™, Fortinos®, Real Canadian Superstore®, valu-mart®, Your Independent Grocer™, nofrills®, Cash & Carry™ and Real Canadian Wholesale Club®. You can find your closest store here.

Although this post has generously been sponsored by President’s Choice, the opinions and language are all my own.

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