Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mommy Brain - It Exists!

Today after swimming, Hannah passed out in her crib, I hopped into the shower to rid myself of the chlorine smell.

I put some shampoo in my hair and rinsed. Then I put some body my hair. Point 3,459,287 for Mommy Brain versus zero for me.

There's been countless emails I've thought I've sent which I haven't even typed. I swear I put a bib in the diaper bag, but when I go to reach for it it's not there. And of course, there's all the times I enter a room and mutter "Why am I here again?", which are increasing exponentially since I gave birth.

Unfortunately, it seems like Mommy Brain is no myth - it's a real thing.

What's your funniest Mommy Brain moment?

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  1. Yesss! It's so true. My daughter is almost a year old and i STILL have the mommy brain! When she was first born it was so bad that I couldn't even make sense of the form to fill out to get her birth certificate! It seemed so complicated!

  2. I put our freshly folded laundry in the fridge when my boys were newborn. Honestly I even moved stuff out of the way to place it in there and only realized moments later.

    1. I love this, I laughed till I about fell off my chair! I'm sure that your laundry was fresh still. ;-)

  3. {Melinda} Oh, sweetheart, it doesn't end. Mine are 15 and 12 and I still have Mommy Brain. Went to a friend's house yesterday and I forgot three things, including my cell phone, that I as supposed to bring. I think I now have Mommy Brain combined with PreMenopause! Oh joy! :)

    Visiting from Saturday Sharefest!

  4. My "baby" is 14 years old, and I also have a 20 year old. I think my mommy brain is getting worse. I'll find myself staring into the pantry cupboard, wondering what I had planned to take out -- only to realize that I needed something from the fridge.

    And -- it's finally happened, the thing I dreaded since the kids were old enough to push buttons -- they know more about how to use the TV than I do. I can use the TV in my bedroom, but the one in the living room seems to be set up differently, and I'm constantly pushing the wrong button when I try to turn it on -- there's a button to turn on the TV and another for the cable box, and I'm the stupid mother who can't remember which one to push or how to tell the difference.

  5. So happy I'm not alone...but scared that it will continue!

    And one of my greatest fears is Hannah coming home and being like "Ugh, Mom that's not how you do it!" in regards to some tech thing in the same frustrating fashion as I used with teaching my Mom how to use Google. I need to learn to be more patient!

  6. {Kathy} Probably the time I put my cell phone inside a cake box inside the refrigerator. I was looking for it, called in from another phone, then ..... the fridge started ringing.


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