Monday, August 27, 2012

Green Your Routine with Seventh Generation

Did you know that it only takes two weeks to form a habit (or change a bad one)? With that in mind, Seventh Generation has set out to Green Your Routine during Back-to-School. Over the next few weeks, please join me by:
  1. Packing a litterless lunch
  2. Switching to eco-friendly cleaners
  3. Green commuting
  4. Rebranding responsibility
Every step of the way I will post about how my family is changing their habits - and how yours can too. By adopting these four small and simple changes you can save you money, make a lasting impact on
the environment, and positively affect the health of your family.

As part of the Green Your Routine campaign, Seventh Generation will award one YYZ Bambina reader a Seventh Generation Starter Pack. The pack is composed of three coupons redeemable for Seventh Generation products. The winner will be able to choose from any of Seventh Generation's household products or laundry products (Shower Cleaner, Tub & Tile Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaners, Glass & Surface Cleaner, Natural 4X Laundry Detergent, Natural 2X Laundry Detergent, Liquid Fabric Softener or Natural Liquid Fabric Softener).

I was sent some Seventh Generation products and I will review them in my switching to eco-friendly cleaners post next week.

In the meantime, start thinking about how you can Green Your Routine, enter the giveaway below, and look for my first #GYR post on litterless lunches later this week!

Open to Canadian Residents only. Valid entries only. Contest ends Sunday, September 23, 2012.
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  1. recycle as much as possible!

  2. Anonymous9/09/2012

    I recycle everyday. I bought new recycle bins but smaller ones so that I can take down daily to empty in community bin. The bigger blue boxes took up too much space so this works perfectly for me. London Drugs takes in batteries and I do this on a monthly basis. I stopped buying commercial cleaners and make my own using vinegar, baking soda and water. Sometimes I will add a scent like lavender oil or lemon juice.

  3. I am using reusable bags for grocery shopping.

  4. We recycle

    belinda mcnabb

  5. all my flash lights are solar powered so no batterys

  6. we cloth diaper, recycle, compost, planted many trees in our yard, use reusable containers for food

  7. I use my own grocery bags, reuse all other bags, we have a garden, and we compost!

  8. We use reusable bags for shopping and bring water with us in reusable washable cups.

  9. I use reusable sandwich and snack sacks. Also starting using Skoy cloths instead of paper towels. Just try to reuse or recycle when I can.

  10. I reuse old bottles & make my own cleaners & I use reuseable bags for shoppping!

  11. We try and recycle as much as possible and use as many environmentally friendly products as we can. =)


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