Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby's First Word

This post is a long time coming. Hannah actually hit this milestone two weeks ago. However, in order for the post not to be a rant, I needed a little bit of a cool down before I began to type.

Two weeks ago, my Mom, Chris, Hannah and I went to lunch at a Montana's. While we were waiting for our food to arrive, my Mom asked Hannah, "Where's Daddy?" She looked right at Chris and with crisp clarity said, "Dada!"

Then my Mom, as if she was some sort of referee in the matter, said, "Yep, that goes in the baby book."

She later tried to console me by saying "Well, when Hannah needs a diaper change or is hungry she always says 'Mmmmmm'." Right. Thanks.

A few other people have tried to tell me that Dada is easier to say than Mama. Some go on to complain about how we still live in a male-dominated society and of course Dada will be easier to say even though Mama changed her diet, gave up her body and slept uncomfortably for months to bring baby into this world. And now that baby is here and Mama spends every hour of every day with her, "Dada" is still her first word.

OK this is turning into a rant, which I was trying to avoid, so I must end this post.

What was your baby's first word?

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  1. Cat.

    Yep. Mama and Dada don't rate. Cat is #1.

    His first babbly word was Nana. And I think Mama came next, but after the one day he said, "mama" and then turned to me and grinned, he refused to say it for months and it was all Dada and Nana, all the time.

  2. Sadly, I wanted "Booyah" (our cat's name) to be her first word. At least then neither of us would have felt bad!

    As I read somewhere, in a few years I will just want her to be quiet. But right now, I want her to talk lol.

  3. Try not to take it personally (as hard as that can be!) My daughter also said "Dada" first and didn't say "Mama" until a month later. She actually started saying "Mama" the day before Mother's Day which was a really nice Mother's day present. Then she completely stopped saying "Mama" for another few weeks until she picked it back up. Now she is 11 months old and I think she is finally starting to understand that the words "Mama" and "Dada" actually have meanings. I THINK she knows that I am "Mama", and maybe sort of knows who "Dada" is. Now that she associates us with the words a little, she says "Mama" more often because I'm around her more. Anyway, all this is to say that, rest assured, your day will come! :)


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