Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Fashionista

At some point in the Mother-Daughter relationship, the mom begins to listen to and seek advice from the daughter in regards to fashion.

Hannah, months old, is already giving me her opinion on my outfits. I'm not exactly a trendsetter. My closet is full of American Eagle, Joe Fresh, Jacob and RW & Co. classic, comfortable items in navy, hunter green, gray and black.

Therefore, (even months before she was born) Hannah has a much cuter, colourful wardrobe than I do.

My cousin came to visit us and today we went to Vaughan Mills. Eventually we found ourselves in Forever 21. Hannah was all about soaking in the different colours, prints and textures in the store. I was all about searching for a top to wear for portraits we are taking later this week.

I found two that I really liked and couldn't determine which one to choose. I held them up against me, one at a time, for Hannah to see. She clearly preferred one over the other (the "loser" didn't even get focused on, the winner got a huge two-tooth smile).

So already Hannah is affecting my fashion choices. Helping me choose bolder colours, and more interesting cuts. (Although, she once saw a women's Elmo shirt in Sears...she liked it so much, it now hangs in my closet...hopefully she'll stick to patterns and prints from now on...or I will just be stronger at not buying things that make her smile).

Do you ask your kids for their opinions on what you wear?

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  1. No, I definitely don't yet and I am not sure when I will. I am famous for wearing ridiculous "comfy" clothes around the house so pretty sure my boys will think I am the least fashionable person ever! :)

  2. I think boys may care a little less. Although, my brother did tease my Mom every time she wore her velour suit a few years ago!


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