Monday, July 02, 2012

What's in a Name?

When Chris and I found out I was pregnant the easiest discussion we had about our arriving bundle of joy was deciding a name.

A few months before I was even expecting, we had already discussed what we would call our children if we were to be parents together. I hated his girl name, he hated my boy name. So it was pretty easy.

My girl name, of course, was Hannah. Ever since I was younger, I knew if I had a daughter I would like to call her that. I didn't know anyone named Hannah, so there were no bad connotations. Her name is a palindrome (it's spelled the same forwards and backwards). And of course, with the English spelling, her name ends with an H just like her Mommy.

I'm really hoping the whole "Hannah Montana" thing doesn't haunt her. I know when she starts school, kids her age will have no idea what that show is. We've already started to call her "The Banana", so I hope that won't bug her either. What I hope MOST of all is that she's the only Hannah in her class. Growing up, there were usually three or four other Sarahs in the same ROOM that I had to contend with. One year, there were even two Sarahs with the same starting letter of their last names. Talk about frustrating and feeling super unspecial.

Unlike Hannah, my name came from someone in my family - my great, great, great grandmother. This was a lady who disowned her own daughter, Laura. All because Laura married someone who Sarah thought was underneath their family socially.

However, when giving Hannah her middle names, I unknowingly righted a wrong. One of her middle names is Laurelyn - after my Great Aunt and my Mom. On a recent trip, my Great Aunt revealed she was named after the scorned Laura, so in a round about way, my daughter was too. So take that Sarah!

Anyways, my Mom has taken a lot of flack from me over the years about how much I dislike my name. I just hope when Hannah gets older she'll like hers. And if she doesn't, I'll respond how my Mom does and say, "You can name YOUR children whatever you want when you're older."

How did you choose your child's name?

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  1. I wanted "different" names for my girls. I used Lena and Emmeline after months of researching names. I found out this year that both of my girls names are actually in our family line! My great (x5) grandmother in France was Emeline and Lena was a middle name in a distant grandmother. Perhaps we had some heavenly influence? ;) Love this post! Found you in the Bloggy Mom hop!
    Tracy @

  2. Yes, there were always so many Lauras and Sarahs that not ONLY was I never the only Laura, but people often would call me Sarah by mistake because they had lumped us all into one group of non-special-ness. My parents both loved the name Laura but my birth unfortunately coincided with the marriage of Luke and Laura on General Hospital so "Laura" was all the rage. I have always liked my name, though, but have decided I won't change my last name as it actually defines me more than my first. I think it's also important, when naming a child, to make sure the name doesn't rhyme with any terrible words and that it can't be shortened into something ugly.

  3. The name was the hardest thing for us. We had a girl's name picked out from before, but no boy's name. Which was of course why we had a boy ;) Calvin ended up being the only name we both liked and could see actually naming our child that. (lots of names I like but don't necessarily want to use).

    Not sure what we'll do if we have a second boy.

  4. My daughters name is Aerial,(Pronounced like Sebastian the lobster says it) I chose this because I was in bed rest for three months and watched the little mermaid over and over again with my kindergarten son :-) Popping over from @BloggyMoms

  5. Hannah is a beautiful name.


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