Monday, July 09, 2012

Top 5 Tips for Parent & Tot

This past Thursday was Hannah's first swimming lesson. I was full of giddy excitement. I had been counting down to the day our session began. I couldn't wait for us to be in the pool together. I was thrilled with the entire class, and when it was over, I wished I could join the next class so I could have 30 more minutes of fun.

Hannah? Not so much. She didn't cry, but she didn't smile either. Chris thinks next week will determine how she truly feels about it. The high school swim team member in me hopes she will smile.

We go to Eunice's Swim School. The lesson passes by quickly with songs and rhymes. Hannah went under the water for the first time, kicked her legs and jumped into the pool (with my assistance, of course).

If you are interested in jumping in the pool with baby, here are my Top 5 Tips for Parent & Tot Swim Lessons:
  1. Prepare (your LO) to get wet. Make sure your baby is used to/likes water. Try splashing them in the bathtub and see how they react. The class involves a LOT of splashing and if they cry when splashed, they might not be ready to enter the pool.
  2. Leave your fears at the door. Like everything else in life, your baby will sense your fear and play off of it. I was relaxed in the water, and as a result Hannah was too.
  3. Get there early. At Eunice's we were able to enter the pool a few minutes before the class began. That allowed Hannah to soak in her surroundings and adjust to the water before we began instructed play.
  4. Be positive and trust your instructor. When it came time to dunk Hannah I nearly had a heart attack. But the instructors have taught many babies (and adults) in water orientation. You aren't their first and won't be their last pupils, so trust that your baby will be successful in all skills being taught.
  5. SMILE AND HAVE FUN! (This rule is mainly directed to Hannah...if only she could read). These classes really are a great way to bond with baby, and the start of their learning how to swim - a required life skill.
What Parent & Tot lessons have you tried? What are your tips?

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