Monday, July 23, 2012

The Joy of Teethease

Hannah cut her first tooth about a week ago. And if her gums are any indication the second bottom tooth, and her top two teeth are days from coming in.

So it couldn't have been better timing for me to be chosen as a PTPA (Parent Tested, Parent Approved) tester for a Teethease pendant.

This product is amazing. In short, Mom (or any caregiver) wears a fashionable necklace with a pendant that is designed for baby to chew and suck on to relieve teething pain.

Hannah was attracted to the pendant right away - due to the great colour and shape, she loved just watching me swing it back and forth in front of her eyes.

Of course, the pendant also worked great to relieve teething pain (its actual purpose) - instantly. Because the pendant was around my neck, I didn't have to waste time search for it in the diaper bag, or have to run into another room to retrieve it.

It was also very easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly. All Teethease pendants are made from 100% silicone and are free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, latex and heavy metals and meets all of Health Canada’s Safety Standards.

As she gets a little older (and gets more teeth), I'm sure she'll grab on to the pendant herself - knowing relief from teething is just an arm's length away.

Teethease products can be purchased on their website, or at Lil Niblets and Evymama (both stores in Toronto).

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  1. What a great idea! It looks like an awesome product. Just out of curiosity, how did you manage to get to be a product tester through PTPA? I signed up but I haven't heard anything from them. Any advice?

  2. Hi Laura: Make sure you like PTPA's Facebook page...they post a lot of opportunities there...that's how I was chosen! :)

  3. Thanks for the tip! :)


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