Wednesday, July 11, 2012

See See...No Touch!

I have been blessed with a very cute baby. She is already showing signs of being a ham. As long as she's in a good mood, she has a smile for everyone she meets.

The problem with this is that some people take this as a sign that they should touch her hand, poke her chubby thighs or stroke her face. Would you walk up to a complete stranger and do any of these things? Even on a first date it would be super forward (and still pretty strange). So why do some people think it's OK to do it to a baby?

If I were a lawyer, I would point out the following observation in court. If you see a dog in a park, everyone is programmed to ask the owner to if they can touch the dog BEFORE they reach down to pat it. My baby is MY baby, if you'd like to touch her you should give her and her mother (aka me) the same respect you give a dog and their owner. Perhaps if Hannah bit strangers when they approached us my life would be a lot easier. Not that I want Hannah to have a nasty biting habit...right?

I have no problem with strangers looking at or waving to my daughter. However, if they attempt to touch her, I push the stroller away. Sometimes I'm not quick enough, and a few times Hannah has cried. I hope this sends a signal to them so that they won't touch my daughter again, or any other baby for that matter.

The irony of this entire situation is the people I don't mind touching and holding her (my family and friends) will always wait until I offer her to them. I guess they just have more respect for me and Hannah than random strangers do, even if they deserve to coo and cuddle Hannah way more than someone we've never met.

The time has come to band together. If dog owners can make sure no one touches their dogs without their permission, certainly us parents can make sure no one touches our children without our permission.

What do you do if strangers try to touch your child?

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