Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mommy's Night Out

Last night I met a friend for dinner. Just me. I took a small purse, my iPod and headed downtown on the subway. No stroller. No diaper bag. No Hannah.

When I got to the not family-friendly restaurant I thanked my friend for giving me a "night out". She revealed she thought after we made the plans sans Hannah that I might be upset. In fact, I was the complete opposite. I understand babies are a big draw for most folks, but Mommy needs some adult time too. My brain needs a rest from feeding times, diaper changes and being a one-woman song and dance show to keep baby entertained.

Another one of my other friends is also really great - she always asks "Baby time or Adult time?" when we are making plans to hang out and I know 100 per cent she would be happy with either.

I'm obviously extremely grateful for my friends who want to see Hannah and have modified our friendship and time together, adjusting to the fact I now have a little one who is in my constant care. It takes a village to raise a child, so they say, and I'm really lucky to have such great, supportive folks in my life who have adapted to baby and all that she brings to the table just as well as I have.

However, I do think as a new Mom who will have to return to work sooner than later, it helps me AND it helps Hannah for me to do things without her. She needs to get used to me not being around all the time. I need to get used to her not being around all the time (I am convinced I will be that Mom who cries in the bathroom multiple times the first week I go back to work because I miss  her so much. And I'm convinced she'll be the happy child at daycare and not realize she misses me at all until I walk in the door to pick her up).

So was I sad last night when I got home and Hannah had already gone to bed without my saying goodnight? A little. But missing one bedtime routine was definitely worth catching up with a great friend.

How often do you get to meet friends without your child(ren)?

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  1. My husband and I work hard to ensure that both of us get nights out without the twins. I try to get out one night a week even if it is just to do errands. It allows me to clear my head, shop without toddlers hanging from my legs and get a great coffee. This Thursday though I am going out for dinner with a friend - can't wait!

  2. Once a week is a great goal - I think I'm going to start to aim for that too. Enjoy dinner on Thurs!


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