Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hannah's Pick of the Month - Carter's Jungle Activity Book

Hannah's Pick of the Month for July is her Carter's Jungle Activity Book. And yet another gift from my Mom (is anyone else sensing a pattern here?).

Like her Bug and Elmo, this book keeps her busy in her pack n play, her high chair and most importantly, her car seat.

She loves the texture of the book (the entire thing CRINKLES!) and she likes to hold the black and white polka-dotted handle to hold the book up and down. Up and down.

The book is colourful and has six pages, featuring a bear, a tiger, a monkey, a hippopotamus (proudly I spelled that WITHOUT spell check, thank you Adam Sandler and Big Daddy), a lion and a giraffe. The hippo's mouth has a mirror, the monkey has a tail and the tiger squeaks if you squeeze his stomach.

It's SUPER easy to clean, which is great considering Hannah has entered her "Go fetch, Mommy" stage of throwing her toys.

My Mom picked up the Carter's Jungle Activity Book at the Carter's store. According to the website it is currently out of stock, but you may be able to find it at Winners.

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  1. My daughter loves crinkly books too. Lamaze makes a great one that has a little clip on it so you can clip it onto a stroller, shopping cart etc. By the way, I love the new look of your blog. It looks amazing and so professional! I also love the Toronto theme! :)

  2. Oh! I need to find this one with the clip...they she can't throw it out of the stroller!

    Thanks for your kind words about the new design!


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