Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby's First (Recognized) Word

Over the weekend, my Mom, Hannah and I went up to a friend's house in the country.

They have a gorgeous outdoor pool, and since the weather was fabulous, we spent most of the day poolside.

As you may be aware, Hannah and I are taking Parent and Tot swimming lessons. She goes through the motions, but still seems more interested in watching what the big kids are doing versus what is going on in her own class.

What you definitely aren't aware of is how much Hannah likes to kick her legs (apparently a trait from Chris, so maybe I should get to kick him in the stomach since she kicked in the womb so much). Case in point - her car seat is noticeably wearing where her feet are because of where they rub the fabric.

I was sitting with her in my lap in the pool when she began to kick her legs. It was so cute we just HAD to get it on video.

Yesterday, my brother sent it to us. We all sat on the couch to watch my laptop. You can hear my Mom go, "Hi Hannah...kick!" And lo and behold, on the couch, Hannah started to kick! Was it a fluke? Nope. I scientifically tested it. 7 times. I was almost in tears I was so proud and astonished. She heard a word, recognized it, and did what was asked of her!

I can't wait to get in the pool with her at our lessons and say "KICK" to see if she will. There may be better or worse first words she could recognize, but kick seems very fitting for her.

I'm such a proud Mom! What was your child's first recognized word?

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  1. I have been signing milk for my daughter pretty much since birth so milk is her first recognized word for sure! She could pretty much sign and understand it around the same time. It's do fun!!!

  2. Beyond his name, he could understand, "where's the cat?" and then he'd turn and look at the cat. And if I did it when the cat wasn't in the room, he'd look around then look at me with this smile on his face like, "you tricked me!"

  3. Congrats! That's so exciting! My daughter is 9 month and I still don't think she recognizes any words, although my mother tells me she does. I guess I'll know for sure once she starts talking! I can't wait! By the way, thank you so much for adding me to your blog list! I so much appreciate it! :)


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