Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hannah's Pick of the Month - Jolly Jumper

Every month around Hannah's "month birthday" I write a post about her favourite toy/gadget/item. This month it's the Jolly Jumper - and again, it fits with the Canadian theme. Did you know a Canadian invented the Jolly Jumper?

Yes, Olivia Poole,  mother (and eventual grandmother), made the Jolly Jumper for her first son in 1910 in Ontario.

Hannah recently had her first experience with the Jolly Jumper. We posted some photos on Facebook and MANY (OK, more than 2) people said she looks "deliriously happy". Because she is. She loves to bounce around and be upright without being held.

It's too bad simple things like this won't always make her happy. But for now, I will give her 15 minutes of Jolly Jumper joy every day I can.

We have the Jolly Jumper with the portable stand. It retails at Babies R Us for $69.99.

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