Friday, June 08, 2012

Baby's First Solids

At our four month appointment, we got the go ahead from our pediatrician to start serving Hannah solid foods.

So we went out and bought Nestle Gerber Rice Cereal, the kind that mixes with breast milk or infant formula. We mix Hannah's with Enfamil A+. I purchased it at Walmart for under $4.

Chris freshly washed one of her Playtex spoons and a Muchkin bowl we were given at one of her three baby showers (yes, Hannah had three showers - one before she was born, and two afterwards).  He mixed one tablespoon of rice cereal with two ounces of room temperature formula. I found the biggest bib we own, put it on her and placed her in her high chair and sat down to watch the show.

We have video of the whole first feeding. It lasted less than 5 minutes. She didn't mind the taste, but was somewhat confused with using a spoon versus a bottle. Can't say I blame her. Eventually she started to cry because she was still so hungry and the rice cereal wasn't getting to her stomach fast enough. We stopped and switched to a bottle of formula to finish the feeding - we don't want her to have negative feelings towards pablum and we're hoping by introducing it slowly, she won't howl when her pink spoon and orange bowl make an appearance.

We will continue to offer her rice cereal more frequently as she (and her digestive system) allow.

I can't believe she's reached another milestone. And I can't wait until we can begin to puree things for her with our Baby Bullet.


  1. I'm still pregnant and already dreading the day when the little guy goes to solids. Was it a bittersweet day?

  2. It was! But for me, putting away the clothes she SWAM in when she came home from the hospital was much worse. I got way too attached to those first few outfits!


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