Friday, June 22, 2012

Confessions of A Cartoon Hater

I think I may have become too invested in children's television shows.

A couple of days ago Hannah was really into an episode of "Sid the Science Kid!" I'd like to think it's because Sid wears a red shirt and her favourite colour (and one she can see most clearly) is red. Or that day she was just really, really excited that Mommy decided to Swiffer the floors.

For those of you who are not familiar, Sid is a preschooler who asks a lot of scientific questions.  Sid lives with his baby brother and his parents, and often his grandma picks him up from preschool and is also featured on the show (she's great for "scientific flashbacks" which allow for showcasing the evolution of science and technology if needed). At preschool, teacher Susie has four students - Sid, Gabriela, May and Gerald. (If there seriously was a preschool like this, the waiting list would be so long you would have to put your children on it when you yourself were a child).

The show produced by the good folks at the Jim Henson Company and is computer generated.

An episode always begins with Sid wondering something (Where does garbage go? Why can I see the moon during the day?, etc.), and then figuring out the answer at school with the help of his friends.

Overall, I really like this show and am happy Hannah is a fan. I just hope she's not a fan of Sid's friend Gerald.

I really, REALLY dislike Gerald. I didn't realize my level of hatred until one day I was watching (yes, Hannah was taking a morning nap and I still tuned in), and the episode began with Sid's Dad telling him that Gerald was coming over for a camp out in their backyard. I could not handle a whole episode of Gerald. So yes, hate is a strong word folks, but if it makes you change the channel or turn off the TV I think it's warranted.

So why do I hate Gerald, someone who is part of a show that teaches toddlers the fun of science?

He's certainly not creepy like Mr. Noodle on Elmo's World. (I shudder whenever that mustache makes Hannah giggle...)

Gerald is attention seeking, lame and fails to realize none of his classmates enjoy his sense of humour. You just know he's one of those kids who is going to grow up to be a jerk. I can see him, 20 years from now, in a club with a popped collar, too much hair gel, grinding on the ladies from behind. While Sid, our knight in red armour, will introduce himself, politely ask for a dance and beg forgiveness for his acquaintance with Gerald.

When you type "Gerald Sid the Science Kid" into Google, the second thing that automatically pops up to help you search is "Gerald Sid the Science Kid Retarded". I'm not condoning the use of this word (towards Gerald and otherwise) but it seems to me like others question his behaviour too.

Wikipedia describes him as "Sid's airhead, vivacious good friend." Airhead? Definitely, yes.

Overall, even though Gerald is a main character, this Mom will continue to watch. The catchy dance moves and earworm songs are too good to pass up. And yes, of course, the science lessons too.

Sid the Science Kid! is an awesome show and deserves more viewers. Therefore my rant has good intentions and hopefully will be of some use to you, dear reader.

You can watch Sid the Science Kid on PBS and TVO.

And then, after you become as invested as me, you can join my "We hate Gerald!" Club. (No pressure.)


  1. My hatred for Caillou frightens me......have you ever seen that show, what a mess.

  2. I haven't, but I have heard how he is NOT a great role model for kids...


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