Friday, June 01, 2012

Baby's Footprints

For Mother's Day, I wanted somesort of keepsake from Hannah. So she bought me Little Impression Tin - Hand and Foot Casting from Chapters Indigo.

The kit comes with "impression material", the tin to display and instructions (thankfully!).

You begin by kneading the impression material (which is sticky to get out of it's packet, but once it hits air is a lot easier to use), and then you lay it out on aluminum foil. Then you roll the impression material with an aerosol can (I used my hairspray). Then comes the hard part, actually GETTING your baby's hand or foot print. 

At first I wanted to do her hand print, so that when she's a little older she could put her hands beside it and see how much she's grown. However, with a four month old baby that proved very difficult to do, even with Chris' help.

So we decided on foot prints - we could fit both her feet into the area. So Chris held her up and I applied pressure to her left foot, and then we did the same with the right. The impression material is really great in that if you make a mistake you can go back to the kneading stage and start over, brand new. And thankfully, none of the impression material stuck to Hannah's hand or feet.

After the imprints have been made, you need to wait 2-3 days for the impression material to harden. Then you can put it in the tin and on display, which, proud Mom that I am, I have done. As long as you don't attempt to get the prints yourself, I would recommend this product to other parents who are looking for a creative way to keep their baby's prints.

The  Little Impression Tin - Hand and Foot Casting retails for $19.99 at Chapters Indigo.

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