Sunday, June 03, 2012

Baby On Board

I am a big fan of quickmeme. One of my favourites is Condescending Wonka.

The other day, I saw this one:

Now, before I got pregnant I may have found this one as humorous as the rest. However, I now have a baby. And my car has a little yellow diamond in the back that proudly announces BABY ON BOARD!

I don't expect people to NOT hit my car. In fact, some lady decided to hit my car pulling out of a parking spot. And she was facing FORWARDS.  But let's not get on that topic, thankfully my family was OK and the car was fixed...and this topic is clearly still a sore spot for me.

Anyhow, I do expect people to respect I have precious cargo on board. It would be nice for people not to tailgate me when I go the speed limit, especially when I am properly in the furthest right lane (AKA the slow lane) on the highway. If you want to go 40 km an hour faster than the speed limit, the right lane is not for you. The right lane is meant for trucks, older cars and people like me who want to drive as safely as possible since they have little ones in the car. I stay out of your fast lane, so don't tailgate me in my slow one. And remember what we learned in driving school folks, you pass in the left lane, not the right.

Additionally, other than making for a really cool Be Sharps song, Baby On Board signs also signal to other shoppers who have children that you deserve to park in the Customer with Child(ren) parking spot at the mall or big box stores. More than once I have done a mental shaking fist at a single person (definitely not pregnant and often male) who has used one of these spots to park when they clearly have no child, and do not even have a car seat or car seat base in their car. I do realize these spots are not like Handicap spots. I don't need a spot close to the doors, but the less time spent in a parking lot with a stroller or young child the better. And a shopper with a child (or with child) obviously deserves a spot designated to them versus someone who just can't, or decides not to, read the sign. I mean you, dude who is 20. Just because you live at home still doesn't mean you are a child...

I purchased my Baby On Board sign for under $5 at Sears.

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